Teething Toy Baby Teething Toy
  • 26th March 2024
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Rubber tree is a euphorbiaceae rubber plant, is an important tropical cash crop, native to Brazil, widely cultivated in the tropical areas of the world, rubber tree can produce natural rubber, is the largest commercial cultivation area of rubber crops. In addition to producing natural rubber, rubber wood can also be made into wood, the shell can be made into activated carbon, and the seeds can be used to make paint and soap, which has a high economic value.
The growing environment and history of rubber trees
  • 25th March 2024
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The Brazilian rubber tree is called "Hevea" by locals in the Brazilian Amazon. The term Hevea was coined by French botanist Aublet in 1775 when he studied the plants of Guyana. Hevea was formally established by Muell in 1799, of which three-leaf rubber was its representative species. The rubber trees originated in the Amazon forest were transplanted to Kew Gardens in the UK in 1873, 22 three-leaf rubber trees were transported to Singapore in 1877, then to the Malay Peninsula in 1898, and introduced to China in 1904.
new Baby dental glue manufacturers remind the use of dental glue need to pay attention to what?
  • 21st March 2024
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Analysis of dental glue is used to meet the needs of baby teeth itch, through sucking and clenching glue, to promote the coordination of the baby's mouth and hand, not only to promote the growth of baby teeth, but also to promote intellectual development, the baby is frustrated unhappy, tired want to sleep or lonely, but also through clenching glue to obtain psychological satisfaction and security. Dental glue can also slow down the discomfort of the baby's gums when the tooth comes out, and does not harm the baby's gums, it is recommended that mothers buy the baby's brand quality and reputation are better dental glue, so it is also safe to use.
Significance of using food grade 100% latex teether
  • 20th March 2024
  • byheins
When the baby teething, in the mouth sensitive period, the gums will appear itchy pain and other discomfort at this time the baby will get used to biting fingers or other things, if the baby's biting desire can not be met, it may cause emotional upset, grumpy and other bad emotions, biting fingers will affect the baby's health, so treasure mothers should pay attention to the use of food grade silicone rubber instead of biting fingers.
The past and present lives of latex toy
  • 18th March 2024
  • by heins
More than 40 years ago, Germany, where not a single latex tree could be grown, invented a process called Dunlop, and now many tires are made of Dunlop (Dunlop tires are made of 30 years old oak rubber). The latex juice, like milk and soymilk, went through more than 40 processes to become the latex toys/pillows that we now bathe or play with. Have you noticed that South American people's clothes are very casual, but their children play with very good toys, children regard educational toys as the refueling base of life.